A.R.C.H. National Home School Honor Society

Wake County
The Honor Society welcomes students in the 9th through 12th grades who have demonstrated high academic performance. Its objectives are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, render meaningful community service, encourage and develop leadership, and foster character and integrity.
Membership Requirements

Students must be home-schooled and in grades 9-12. Students’ family must be registered

with A.R.C.H. for the 2018-2019 year. Students must supply proof of one of the following test scores (administered after September 1, 2017):

•A score of 90%+ composite/complete battery on the Iowa or Stanford

•A score of 1800 on the old SAT; 1200 on new SAT

•A score of 1200 on the PSAT or PSAT10

•A score of 26 on the ACT

There is a $40 annual membership fee.

Members are expected to:

•Attend Honor Society meetings

•Collaborate with peers to develop leadership skills

•Assist with speaker introductions and correspondence

•Participate in two group service projects & individually for a total of 10 service hours

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